To become the global first choice of Indian and international businesses seeking superior aluminum die casting solutions.

Established in 2017, Silicon Castech is an independent entity of Silicon Cortech Pvt. Ltd.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Silicon Castech is recognized pan-India for its high-quality aluminum castings. We use top-end German machines for manufacturing top end shields for ceiling fans, bottom end shields for ceiling fans, and die casted rotors for fans and other electrical assemblies, among others.

At Silicon Castech we do not just build customers, we build relationships; and integrity, transparency and honesty are the cornerstones of our business. We are constantly innovating to meet the needs of our customers and consistently incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology to upgrade our offerings.


Over the past 4 years we have expanded our horizons with both standardised products and customised offerings cutting across industries and sectors. Our products, along with our range of associated services, meet the needs of a range of industries from telecommunications, consumer goods and aeronautics to appliances, the automobile industry and the defence sector among others.

We use the following quality instruments to ensure the produced castings are of a high grade: Conductivity meter, Dynamic balancing, Mechanical Comparator, Air gauge units, Digital Infrared Thermometer, Height Gauge, Vernier Caliper, Micrometer etc. Tolerances are maintained from the moment the raw material reaches us till it enters our client’s production line.


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Yusuf Karim,Founder

Mr. Karim is a pioneer in the field of die-casting and has over 55 years of experience in stamping and 20 years in die-casting. A self-taught and self-motivated visionary, he has always stayed one step ahead of the competition by anticipating and catering to his customers’ needs through innovative services and solutions.


Asiya Karim,Managing partner

A second-generation entrepreneur Asiya is a postgraduate from the prestigious S.P. Jain Institute in Mumbai where she specialized in Family Managed Businesses (FMB). She worked with Mr. Yusuf Karim in Silicon Cortech Pvt. Ltd. before branching out to independently manage the die-casting business. A lover of new technology and innovative thinking, Asiya is constantly ideating to improve efficiency and automation.


Khalid Munshi,Managing Partner

Khalid has worked in different industries ranging from health and lifestyle to FMCG and brings to the table his unique insights of market dynamics. A B.Com graduate with a yen for technology, he enjoys taking things apart to understand the inner working of complicated electronics and is an avid sports buff.